What people around the world are saying about Footsteps in the Snow

"...I was so riveted I couldn't put it down. What an extraordinary story..."

- AH, San Francisco, CA

I couldn't put "Footsteps in the Snow" down once starting, very unusual for me. I was simply absorbed from the beginning and had to complete reading that same day. Rom was indeed a courageous man who loved his family dearly.

As they say "There is no fear in love." My heart was pounding at a million miles an hour when Rom crossed into Poland, then back into Russia in search of his wife and child. Those train journeys were even more frightening. Congratulations Roma on a wonderful story, very moving with a fabulous collection of photographs.

- HG, Swan Valley, Western Australia.

"Thank you for writing and sharing this amazing story about your family and you. The story is truly remarkable. It is inspirational, it is joyful, it is instructive. It shows the lengths to which someone will go for those he loves."

- RP, Malibu, CA

"The story of your Family was captured by you very well and it taught me, most of all, how important and precious family ties are ... one could feel empathy for the conditions and events that took place and only wonder if one could find the same determination and courage ..."

- JS, Sydney, Australia

"I loved the book. I thought it was it was a great abstract. I wanted more."

- NM, El Paso, TX

"I like the book very much. I read it fast. I wanted to know what happened and how your family got out of that situation. The pictures help puting a face on the persons. I find the story well balanced in the way you insert events and information from the past into the story, very smooth reading. I learned a lot from the Postsciptum about the political situation in Poland. It is like resetting the clocks at the right time, "metre les pendules a l'heure", setting things straight. Congratulations for this account of an extaordinary escape from Siberia."

- AR, Los Angeles, CA

"It is a lovely book, Roma - written in such a way that the reader gets immediately pulled into the story and truly cares about what happens to these main characters. Hats off to you for putting it all together in this way!"

- KS, Toronto, Canada

"Thank you so much for writing such an important book."

- PU, Los Angeles, CA

"I have read your book twice and must congratulate you on a story well told. I felt the apprehension as Rom crossed the frontier into Poland and back into Russia and I felt the fear as I travelled those train journeys with your parents. You are fortunate to have so many treasured photographs of pre-war days."

- AC, The Vines, Australia

"Roma is a wonderful writer and the tale of her life is fascinating. I was struck by how resourceful, creative and unfailingly optimistic she and the others were even in the depths of hardship."

- BG, San Diego, CA

"A good read."

- JW, Sydney, Australia

"... I very much enjoyed reading the book and learning about your family's story ... Our fathers were a remarkable breed of men and it is only because of their bravery and fortitude that we and our children are here today."

- KM, Condom, France

"The book is excellent ... life writes unexpected scenarios ... I am amazed at your Dad's tremendous determination, courage and perseverance."

- MP, Santa Monica, CA

"I enjoyed your book, so interesting, loved the old photos ... Your father was something else."

- DB, Palos Verdes, CA

"This is some book. From the time I picked it up, I was riveted until I finished it -reading nonstop. I felt I was living this with you and could clearly visualize so many of these events."

- BB, Scottsdale, AZ

"Finished the book this mornng. Absolutely fascinating. Your Father was pretty amazing. A hero larger than life. The story would make a great movie by someone like Steven Spielberg."

- TS, San Diego, CA

"Began reading last night and did not put it down till I finished it. What a great story."

- DR, Los Angeles, CA

"Really loved the story. Congratulations!!! I'm so proud of you!!! The book is beautiful on the outside and really well put together on the inside too"

- JC, Charlotte, NC

"AWESOME ... congratulations on a job wonderfully done!!!"

- GB, San Diego, CA

"I was truly moved by this book... It is a very moving story"

- DD, Los Angeles, CA

"What a wonderful book! I truly loved the photos! I am so grateful that I am one of the people you sent the book to... it is a truly wonderful work on your part... I shall treasure it."

- DB, Wellington, New Zealand

"I loved the pictures and the text in your book."

- HG, Sebastapol, CA

"Love, love, love 'Footsteps in the Snow.'"

- KB, Coronado, CA

"Nancy and I enjoyed it immensely. Your family suffered so much hardship between two murderous dictators. Your father was very resourceful in dealing with the situation."

- SK, Los Angeles, CA

"I love the book. I have read it two more times just for fun ... Mel would be perfect for the movie."

- PM, Los Angeles, CA